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Examples and Topic Ideas of Undergraduate & Postgraduate Essays

Topic: Introduction and Intention Letter - Essay Sample

  1. This is a Study on Nursing Written in APA Format: The essay seeks to describe what personal, professional, educational, and clinical experiences have led the author to choose nursing as a profession, and the role of a family nurse practitioner as a specialty practice, what are their aspirations for a Residency program? Comment upon their vision and planning for your short and long-term career development, what are the goals that they are looking to accomplish during your residency at FHCW? Please identify specific areas of interest by age group, specialty, or setting that you would like to develop increased expertise, competence, or confidence in and comment on their personal qualities and strengths that you think will contribute positively to this experience. What apprehensions, concerns, and hesitations they might have?

Topic: Nursing Professional Practice Report

  1. This is a Nursing Research Paper Written in APA: The essay highlights the practice in a way that acknowledges the dignity, culture, value, beliefs, and rights of individuals/groups, critical thinking, and analysis i.e. contribute to the professional development of others, collaborative and therapeutic practice i.e. communicate effectively with individual/groups to facilitate the provision of care.

Topic: A Review of Nervous System Disorders

  1. This is a Medical Research Essay Written in APA: The essay discusses the intervertebral disc disease versus musculoskeletal disorder, treatment modalities for intervertebral disease versus musculoskeletal disorder

Outstanding Health Care Research Project Samples & Topics Ideas 

Topic: A Casual Analysis on Obesity

  1. This is a Health Education Essay Written in Vancouver: The essay discusses obesity among children and teenagers as it is becoming more and more challenging in today’s community. It is not healthy for children or teenagers to be obese since this could lead to medical complications. The author concludes that obesity is an increasing trend among children and teenagers. The trend has become a concern among the stakeholders specializing in the health of children and teenagers. According to CDC, the obesity trend has been increasing for the past years. CDC figures indicate that since 1980 the trend has been on the rise. For example, among teenagers, the rate has increased from 5% to 21%. This trend is expected to increase as there is the availability of too much technology that encourages children and teenagers to remain inactive for long hours. Bad eating habits also continue to be experienced which will further make obesity an epidemic.

Topic: Health Law and Ethics: Case of Durham vs. Vinson

  1. This is an Essay on Health Law on the Case of Durham vs. Vinson Written in APA: The author concludes that there is sufficient evidence to prove that Dr. Vinson breached provisions of standard care in more than one instance. The error in prescribing valium to a third party in the case was harmless and the evidence use violates Rule 403, SCRE. There were two errors in the liability trial, therefore, granting the doctor a viable appeal. The court committed an error in asking Dr. Vinson to reveal the privileging file.

Topic: An Essay on Health Personal Development Plan

  1. This is research on Health done in Chicago Style: The essay highlights the author's contribution to the development and implementation of health and social care organization policy, their development plan with short, medium, and long-term goals, the author's progress against the plan according to the requirements of a care practitioner, the effectiveness of the development plan to your development as a health and social care practitioner, an explanation of the nature of different professional relationships in the context of your workplace, an evaluation of my personal effectiveness in promoting and supporting the right of the individual in the workplace, and the ways to resolve issues encountered in professional relationships in the workplace.

Topic: Crohn’s Disease versus Ulcerative Colitis

  1. This is a Medical Essay Written in APA: The essay describes Crohn’s disease, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that affects any part of the alimentary canal from the mouth all the way to the anus. However, the most commonly affected parts include the ileum, colon, and perineum. The essay also describes ulcerative colitis disease which affects mostly the left colon and the rectum. Most symptoms of Crohn’s disease and ulcerative disease are the same though there are slight differences.
The above examples are meant to guide you on how to write and develop a good essay and also give some of the best topics and titles. Get professional help where you find it challenging to do it on your own.

Exceptional History, Law, and Government Research Titles

Topic: A Research Paper on Social engineering

  1. This is a Study on Criminology Written in MLA: The essay discusses social engineering, regarded as the art of stage-managing individuals in order to provide confidential information. The kind of information that these criminals seek varies but most individuals are being tricked to give up their passwords or even their bank details. Others may access personal computers and install malicious software that will help them access passwords or other personal information.

Topic: An Essay on Privacy is Dead and it’s a Good Thing

  1. This is a Report on Privacy at the National and State Level Written in APA: At the national level legislation such as the 1983 Federal Privacy Act restricts the collection, utilization, and disclosure of personal information and authorizes Canadians to question about private information held by the government. The essay highlights privacy in the digital era, and whether is privacy a good or bad thing.

Topic: Research on the Rise of Asia in the Global South

  1. This is a History and Government Essay Written in Vancouver: The paper will seek to explore the rise of Asia in the Global South. In this case, China will, to a greater extent, be used to show and explain the rise of Asia in the Global South.

Topic: Encryption Assignment

  1. This is a Government Research Report Written in APA: The essay highlights the proposition of government regulation and licensing of strong encryption has raised different perspectives from civil rights activists, industry players, and technologists. The issue has gained global acclaim as the government pushes for the regulation of strong encryption. This prompts the need to examine the diverse arguments underlying the issue.

Topic: An Essay on the Rise and Fall of the Abbasid Period

  1. This is a government essay written in APA: The essay discusses the Rise and Fall of the Abbasids. Abbasid is a member of the caliph’s family that was ruling the country of Baghdad, in the period between 750–1258 AD. Abbasid was ruling in most parts of the world dominated by Muslims and they maintained that they descent from Muhammad’s uncle, Abbas. Abbasids was the second reign in Islam that ruled mainly from the city of Baghdad. During the 18th century, the Abbasid dominion started ruling a wider region. They started covering central Asia and the Northern part of Africa.

Topic: A Report on the Problems of the Existing International Nuclear Convention

  1. This is a Historical Essay Paper Written in Harvard Format: The essay highlights the problems of the international nuclear convention and the problems of the Paris and Vienna conventions in relation to including the definition of damage, the amount of compensation and limitation of liability, the time limitation of liability and the insufficient geographical coverage.

Remarkably Written Medical Research Paper Examples

Topic: A Report on the Aggression in Sports

  1. This is a Clinical Psychology Discussion Assignments Essay Written in APA: The essay highlights the Coubertin theme of equality. In sports, aggression is a type of behavior where one harms another in the course of the game. It is categorized into two types that are instrumental aggression where the main objective is to win the tournament and hostile aggression main objective is to harm the opponent and cause an injury. Aggression in sports has been there for ages and even individual fans are involved currently.

Topic: Dental Career Essay

  1. This is a Dental Essay Written in APA: The essay documents the author’s greatest challenge or challenges to the dental profession over the next 10 years. The author concludes that stakeholders in the dental profession should therefore come up with concrete plans on how these challenges to the three pillars of the dental profession should be countered to ensure a continued stable ecosystem in the next decade.

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