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Business, Policy & Strategic Management Research Topic Ideas

Topic: Research on BP Disaster as a Result of Failure to Plan

  1. This is a Research Paper on the 2010 Explosion of the Deep-Water Horizon Oil Rig, Written in APA: This paper highlights BP disasters as a result of failure to plan, lessons learned from the BP disaster, BP programs before and after the disaster, changes made during recovery in BP company, investments made by BP company to recover from disaster, and BP today as compared before the disaster. The main reason why BP decided to change some of its undertakings was aimed at reducing the high risk of polluting the environment. Shifting its operations and mainly majoring in the production of alternative business was aimed at improving the company's sustainability.

Samples of HRM & Organizational Management Research Papers

Topic: Case Analysis of Foxconn Company

  1. This is a Human Resources Case Study of the Foxconn Company Written in APA: Foxconn is currently the largest electronic components manufacturer in the world. This paper discusses the HRM Challenges and Issues Faced By MNCs in Their Global Operations, and offers solutions to the Problems including the elimination of Work Hazards, and Improve Physical Conditions. From the discussion, it is clear that Foxconn and indeed all the MNCs need to do more than they are currently doing in relation to human resource management.

Topic: A Research Paper on the Skills Gap in the Oil and Gas Sector

  1. This is a Personnel Management Report Written in Harvard: The report focuses on Shell plc as it can respond to the skills gap through the introduction of labor-saving techniques. The oil and gas sector, which was considered not viable in terms of economic productivity, is now fully explored and production on the existing fields is continuing to expand over the years. Similarly, the oil and gas sector is facing dramatic changes. The geopolitical relations are changing, there are many new competitors emerging and environmental concerns are also rising as well as the shortage of skilled personnel which the sector is increasingly facing. The rising shortage in the number of skilled employees has been the main challenge facing the oil and gas sector and particularly Shell plc.

Topic: A Study on the Absenteeism and Punctuality in Work Areas

  1. This is Research on Organizational Management Written in APA: This research study is on Absenteeism and punctuality. In the current work areas, the problem of absenteeism and punctuality has been consistent and has affected many companies greatly since it involves losses that could have been solved easily if they had been corrected when still at a young stage. This was not the case in the older times, today; the problem has become so magnificent that employers are going through huge losses with each passing day. I have used study cases that have been conducted in various recognized companies and have laid down the causes and possible solutions.

Topic: Organizational Change Management Research Paper

  1. This is an Organizational Case Study Written in APA: The Company selected is a manufacturing firm that realized that due to technological advancement, the company sales continued to fall because her competitors had an edge over them because they realized the importance of using digital marketing concepts. The company made a plan to adopt the new way of marketing and communicated these ideas to all the stakeholders. The case studies provided for the company discussed are a clear example of how the model can be useful in coping with change conflicts in the organization. When the members resist the fundamental foreign element to changes, the organization is expected to create a favorable environment where the people are more encouraged to cope with the increase in capacity for change and thus respond effectively for the sake of a better future for the company.

Topic: Research Project on Data sharing and security of an organization

  1. This is an Organizational Data Security Research Paper in APA Formatting: The paper discusses the main ethical issue in data sharing and security of an organization including confidentiality and privacy, fraud and misuse, the reasons why security is important, and the organizational data security and privacy policy. In conclusion, ensuring the integrity of information when critical issues, like physical theft, natural disasters, and computer malfunction is very important. Furthermore, data security is a key issue for organizations and businesses today. Ensuring that personal and organizational data is secure is becoming much more important every day and essential to business operations.

Topic: How Do Innovative and Effective Leaders in Technology-Intensive Organizations Manage in the Digital Age? – Research Sample

  1. This is a Qualitative Leadership Research Paper Written in APA Style: The research paper will focus on the cultural perspectives of present leaders, and their probable characteristics, the paper will also focus on various leadership models that today’s leaders can utilize to manage change within an organization. The study will further look into the management of change and innovation across an organization.

Topic: Organizational Change Management Essay

  1. This is an Organizational Change Research Report Based on Scanet Group Written in APA Format: The report highlights the change event: company rebranding, Kotter’s phases of change management, creating urgency, forming a powerful coalition., creating a vision for change., communicate the vision, remove obstacles, create short-term wins., build the change, anchor the changes in the corporate culture., and define the change event using Kotter's phases of change model.
In most cases, people find it tiring to write a whole project all by themselves thereby looking for experts they can rely on to assist with their research papers or essay. Getting help from a professional is healthy and advisable but it is also important to be keen about who you hire to ensure your work is being handled by someone qualified in the field you seek help. Ensure they are the best!

Best Business Law, E-Commerce & Marketing Sample Topics

Topic: Business Law Research Paper Sample

  1. This is a Business Law Research Written in Harvard: This paper will mainly focus on the numerous ways one can determine the employee or contractor's status in the working arena, the advantages and disadvantages of these statuses as well as the source of terms contained within the employment contract. The paper highlights a) determining the employee and contractor status, b) the pros and cons of the employee and independent status including the pros of an independent contractor, cons of an independent contractor, pros of employees, and cons of employees, and c) the source of terms contained within the employment contract.

Topic: Research on Business Law & Measures

  1. This is a Business Law Research Report Written in Chicago: This report highlights the equality act 2010, the protected characteristics i.e. age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, and sex and sexual orientation., the types of discrimination covered by the equality act 2010 i.e. direct discrimination, associative discrimination, discrimination by perception, indirect discrimination, harassment, and victimization.

Topic: A Study of Research on the Impact of the Discovery and Exploration of Unconventional Oil

  1. This is a Research Report on International Business Policy Written in APA Style: The author discusses how the oil and gas sector has improved since the discovery of oil in numerous Non-OPEC states. Though there exist various opinions regarding the future of the oil and gas sector, there exists one very irrefutable fact which affects not only the oil and gas industry but the world as a whole. A lot has changed in the oil and gas sector and the global energy demand continues to grow at a very high rate. This is mainly due to the desire by the Non-OPEC countries to attain economic success as well as due to the population growth of these countries. Volatility is known to cause serious damage to all the responsible parties in the petroleum sector, both on the consumers' and producers' sides. Therefore, it is due to this that Qatar seems to constantly monitor the market’s activity and continue to seek a balance between the demand and supply stable as well as, fair prices which is acceptable to both producers and consumers.

Topic: E-Commerce and Marketing Research Sample

  1. This is an E-Commerce Research Paper Written in Harvard Format: This paper seeks to critically evaluate the ways by which e-commerce companies use social media to improve their business model. This paper highlights the e-commerce companies and their business model, ways by which e-commerce companies use social media to enhance their business model i.e. increasing business exposure, online marketing communications, reducing marketing expenses, and gathering opinions.

Topic: Marketing Planning and Promotion Essay

  1. This is a Research Paper on Descriptive Marketing Written in APA: The paper highlights the evaluation of findings and key issues, products lifecycles and products relevance to different consumer groups at different stages, the influence of marketing communications on consumer behavior in relation to specific consumer groups, marketing communications through the word of mouth, marketing communications through direct marketing and advertising, marketing communications through public relations, conceptual option, Nicosia Model, Engel-Kollat-Blackwell Model, and the marketing strategy and the four Ps.

Topic: Sample Copyright Infringement Research Paper

  1. This is a Marketing Research Project Written in Harvard Format: This report highlights how to protect workers, existing laws on copyright infringement, limitations of the copyright laws, peer-to-peer sharing of files, legislation concerning intermediaries, and preventing infringement. The report describes online sharing as one form of infringement that has been protected by the law yet it is the most damaging to many innovators. Bit Torrent protocol recognizes the websites, search engines, and the tracker as the intermediaries in the process of relaying the product to the customers. The use of magnetic links has been suggested in the process of accessing different files instead of direct links. These provisions have not been enough to curb intermediary infringement and it is the most prominent debate in the copyright protection platform. It has been discussed for a long time but the balance between copyright protection and the freedom of information and expression has not yet been reached. The solution lies in the combination of agencies, legislations, and industries to come up with a standard legal agreement enforceable in all countries on online intermediary infringement.

Topic: Communication/Marketing Strategy Research Assignment

  1. This is a Marketing Communication Strategy Research Report Written in APA: This report highlights the marketing mix, the flow of information from marketer to audience/customers, brand diffusion, brand building, product position, brand penetration, the flow of information from audience/customers to the marketer, information to the customers, cost approximation of the marketing mix, measuring the effectiveness of communications, and a draft home page of the website.

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