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Examples of Business & Psychology Essays and Research Titles

  1. Topic: Psychology Assignment – Institutional Culture and Psychology Essay (This essay examines the new directions in goal-setting theory as a key psychological theory to consider in addressing the following scenario; The company under study is Merlina Roma fashion design industry specialized in ladies' designer dresses where the CEO seeks to replicate the manufacturing company's culture to all subsidiaries because the company culture and the product range are inseparable. The CEO feels the various cultures and parts of the organization are not exploring the diversity of experience and knowledge potentially afforded by the multinational context. The dual-process model of culture in action, which focuses on motivation and justification research, is examined to determine the optimal action to address the scenario at hand. Research investigating the organizational culture of Cross Fit is also examined. This essay also examines why the research and the identified theory should be considered and how they related to the scenario at hand. A comparison of the research work is performed to determine the best approaches in the identified scenario.)
  2. Topic: An Essay on Foundations in management (This is a business management essay written using APA: The essay focuses on modern organizational designs that no longer rely on a hierarchical power arrangement. They include the matrix and flat organizational structures that eliminate departmental boundaries allowing the employees to work together towards common goals. The critical discussion explores the effects of environmental changes on modern organizational design and the management function with reference to Nike, an American manufacturer of apparel, footwear, accessories, and other items. The essay analyses the impact of environmental changes on modern organizational design and management function, with reference to Nike's matrix structure. The discussion is based on STEEPLE analysis covering several environmental factors: social, technological, economic, environmental, political, legal, and ethical.)
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