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Nursing Essay Samples and Research Paper Topic Ideas

  1. Topic: An Essay on the Evolving Role of Nurses and Its Impact on Patients’ Outcomes (This is a Nursing Essay Written in APA: The essay provides the basis to understand the transformative changes in nursing practice and how this impacts patient outcomes during the delivery of health care services. The critical questions the essay addresses are 1) What are the evolving roles of nurses in advanced practice? 2) What are the patient outcomes measured in advanced clinical practice?3) What are the impacts of evolving nurses' roles in patient outcomes?)
  2. Topic: Childhood Cancer in the UK – Essay Topic Idea (This is an Essay on Nursing Written using APA: The essay provides critical thinking and analysis of childhood cancer and it specifically focuses on neuroblastoma, its biological basis, and aetiology, treatment approaches, and the influences of these approaches on the supportive care needed by the child and family. The essay also critically evaluates the physical, psychological, and social impacts of diagnosing and treating the selected childhood cancer on the child and family. It highlights the approaches or strategies to offer effective and appropriate support to the child and family experiencing cancer. The essay fulfills the following learning outcomes: a) the biological basis and aetiology of the development of common childhood cancers, b) the rationale for the different treatment approaches to common childhood cancers and their influences on the supportive care required by the child and family, c)the physical, psychological, and social impact of a diagnosis and treatment of cancer on the child and family, and d) the approaches/strategies that may be used to offer effective and appropriate support to the child and family during their experience of cancer.)
  3. Topic: A Research Paper on Nursing Professional Development as a Nursing Specialty Practice (This is Nursing Research Written using APA: This essay highlights the poor nurse-patient communication, as indicated by an HCAPS score of 45.2 compared to the expected outcome of 71.1, a clinical problem brought forth by the gap analysis learning that needs assessment. The problem arises because nurses do not spend adequate time with patients. Besides, poor nurse-patient communication also occurs because doctors do not explain to nurses, the patient's treatment plans. The essay consolidates the inputs, throughputs, and outputs one needs to be aware of their roles and responsibilities and how they can adhere to the NPD Scope of Practice standards)
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