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Does it make you fret whenever you think about addressing a particular audience? Do you feel less equipped with the skill needed to usher a good speech? The major challenge with writing a speech is that you not only write an oral presentation, but you also get to address a live audience. This makes the process even more challenging, seeing that you compose and present. If you want to write an award-winning speech, then you have to understand what makes it excellent & outstanding. 

An excellent oral presentation should be based on a great topic: It is crucial to develop your speech on a topic that’s very relevant & professional 

A presentable speech presentation should be interesting: You need to write an impressive oral presentation, to engage your audience in an amusing manner

A good oral presentation should be accurate & easy to understand: You are addressing an audience that’s eager to listen to you, therefore write a speech they can appreciate first hand

A well-written speech should not be too long or very short: Do not write an oral presentation that is too long to bore the audience, or rather too short to leave them hanging. 

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