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Intelligent way to Detect Breast Concern and to alert a Driver when their Judgments’ seem impaired Using Computer Learning Algorithm

computer science writing expertFor a long time computers have been trained to recognize patterns and interprete them, using algorithms. The machine learning is meant to automate the scientific methods that are applied in various fields. This argument leads to, if a well programmed machine encounters a lot of examples it will be in a position to recognize patterns and interpret them in a meaningful way. The principal of learning machine has been adapted to diagnose breast concern and the impaired judgment of a driver inside a car and alert him incase there is impairment. The car is installed with a computerized machine that learns the behavior of the driver and it can interpret the behavior of the driver if impaired. The trained computerized machine which has been exposed in various aspects or examples, once there is a problem it start recognizing patterns it has ever encountered and it is in a position to diagnose or identify a problem.

Computerized Robotic Mechanism for Stroke Survivors to function normally, using Artificial Motor in the Brain to Enhance Neuron Impulses

When the arteries leading to and from the brain are affected, the oxygen and the blood can not go to the brain, hence the brain start dying. When a part of the brain dies the motor cortex of the brain is affected, which is very important. The cortex motor sends electrical impulse through the neuron that controls the execution of the movement. Every part of the body is controlled by the motor cortex. The right side of the brain controls the left part of the body the left part the brain the right side. Once the cortex motor is affected, body movement and coordination of the muscles is affected. A well programmed computer chip motor can be used to replace the cortex motor in the brain of stroke survivors, make sure that the body movement and muscle coordination is enhanced. The artificial motor will be able to send electrical impulses from the brain to other part in the brain through the nerves system. The motor has intelligence to count the impulse frequencies hence it can maintain the normal frequency of the body.

Computer Guided Dental Surgery Based on the Three Dimensional Scan to Ease the Process of Implantation of Crown

The dental surgery encounters difficult in the implantation of crown over dental implantation which take six months, now it takes just a day to implement. The implantation is incorporated with replacement bond unit agent, biomaterial made of titanium that enables integration with the human bone and soft tissue growth at the gum line. The novel 3-D computerized Tomography (CT) scanning technologies make it possible to be done within a single day. Using the CT, it scans images in a computer software program, dentist can inspect the bone in all dimension as if holding it on the hands. The technology eliminates the need to loosen the gum to inspect the bone and this allows fabrication of the temporary teeth before the surgical procedure start. This makes it natural dental implantation with less injuries, swelling and inflammation for the patient. The patient also spends less time in the dentist chair, the technology not only allows the dentist to do operation but also to enables him to do good analysis of the operation and minimize the damages.

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New way to take Risk Analysis in the Insurance Company using Artificial Intelligence to avoid Miscalculation and Loss that is Incurred
The artificial intelligence is an upcoming technology based on variety computation and algorithm to solve problem. The mechanism is concerning with the risk analysis, machine with capability to solve problems in a way that human has traditionally been doing, but with a lot of accuracy. The computerized machine incorporates the human cognitive abilities such as the: reasoning with anecdotal information and capability to guess using the knowledge based system, using vague and common situations, description of objects and events of fuzzy logics, the machine has capability to make decisions based on learned patterns with explicit heuristics or rationale and dealing with large amount of uncertainty, yet interrelated, data and information. It is also possible to use different methods or expanded capabilities; this argument will treat each method separately and only reveal extensions to the standard methods when reviewing a particular application later. This method brings a comprehensive analysis which is more accurate.

Efficient Fingerprints retrieval from the Finger Print Database using Graph Based classification to ease criminal investigation

The finger print classification is mainly used in criminal investigation and it uses database for fingerprints storage. But the database has become large and storage capacity will increase if it is not stored as it is. A relational graph is more appropriate for retrieving the data since the nodes naturally correspond to the regions extracted by the segmentation algorithm. Each graph node can be associated to a segmentation region and the edges join the two nodes according to the adjacent relationship of each region. In the computation of relational graphs, the error correcting method is used. The computing method measures the dissimilarity between the graphs representing the input pattern to be classified and certain graph prototype is included. On the other hand the similarity measure (edit distance). The process is done using by deformation model of substituting, inserting or deleting nodes or edges. This makes graph representation of the finger prints much useful than any other structural methods.

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